Munich Open 2016

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Munich Open 2016


Munich Open 2016


Munich Open 2016


Munich Open 2016

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Munich Open 2016

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Munich Open 2016

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Munich Open 2016


Munich Open 2016


Munich Open 2016

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Munich Open 2016

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Munich Open 2016


Munich Open 2016


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Welcome to the Munich Open

Dear visitors,

in 2017 we organize the 15th Munich Open.

Born as a match of 2 Munich clubs, the match grow quickly to our trade mark and it became quickly a fast-selling item. After 80 competitors in the first match we reached constantly about 360 shooters and so we are one of the biggest IPSC Matches in Germany. Even in Europe we are inside the top ten.

Why are we doing this mass of work again and again? A question, we are thinking about every year. But short after the match, we start thinking how to get better than last time. A big group of helpers is handling this mass of work and they do their job with engagement and heart blood.

Our credo – we do it another way, but are the best – generates new highlights every year.

  • 13 years ago we started with online registration. A big thank you to Roland Michaelis, who was the programmer of the first database. Registration by e-mail, letter, telephone or fax was no longer acceptable, because the squadding of the shooters took too long time.
  • 12 years ago, we decided to setup the match in Philippsburg, because no range around Munich hand the capacity we needed. Also in this item a big thank you to Fritz Gepperth, who gave us extremely fair conditions to have a chance with the match on this famous range.
  • Under the aspect – I have a maximum number of competitors, so I have to sell the slots – we tested different actions to be taken: early advertising with flyers, Pre-Payment, graduated starting fee, retirement of the registration and so on.
  • After different tests with the schedule, since 3 years we follow the ½-day-shooting, cause we found, it’s the best system. Manageable squads shooting two-times ½-day; pre-payment in a moderate time, sponsors that support our match with gifts for the shooters. Exhibitors that show all kind of products shooters are interested.
  • Also we have a lot of problems with tax office, we stay in Germany with the Munich Open. Why? If we, like some other match organisers, emigrate to other countries, the opponents of IPSC shooting would win and later they ask us, what for we need our guns.

What’s new in 2017

Due to the problems with tax office, we decided to start registration and payment in the year 2017. So, match registration will start 2017 – 01 – 01, 12:00 a.m.

As we had to setup a new database it will be possible to make the system registration in the database early in December 2016.

Aiming in 2017

Our plan is to reach 400 x 400 (400 shooters x 400 rounds in 20 stages). 2017 is a year with another HG world shoot and shooters are looking for best training matches they can get.

We will set up 20 stages which are shootable for every shooter, but will separate men and boys. diligentia – vis – celeritas, power, speed and accuracy is the motto of IPSC and we try to show you, how challenging shooting can be.

We are stand by – are you ready for the 15th Munich Open?

Kind regards

Johann Kurz


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